40 min ¥12,000
50 min ¥15,000
70 min ¥21,000
90 min ¥26,000
120 min ¥32,000
Mention about “Tokyo Erotic Guide”!
Our store, “Cream Lemon”, is a brothel specializing to have “young and cute” 20’s girls.
About 70 girls belong to this store, so it’s sure you can pick up your favorite girl from them..
The store opens from 6:00 a.m. to 0:00 a.m.. Come on in!!

※ Incall only!

aoi (24)
T163 B83(C) W58 H85

nanase (20)
T157 B86(E) W58 H85

rin (23)
T160 B87(E) W58 H86

runa (20)
T158 B94(G) W59 H88

akira (23)
T170 B92(F) W59 H91

meron (21)
T163 B103(J) W59 H89

haru (22)
T159 B93(F) W58 H87

arisa (23)
T163 B88(E) W57 H82

manaka (23)
T167 B88(C) W59 H87

mitiru (24)
T158 B90(E) W58 H88

mai (22)
T159 B87(D) W57 H88

yuzuha (23)
T171 B88(D) W60 H87

もも (21)

tubasa (22)
T157 B87(E) W57 H89

karen (20)
T158 B88(E) W58 H87

maria (22)
T161 B92(F) W59 H91

tina (21)
T158 B92(E) W59 H90

riri (21)
T155 B84(D) W58 H85

yuzu (23)
T163 B87(D) W58 H91

ran (21)
T153 B88(E) W60 H90

reika (24)
T157 B90(F) W59 H89

sizuku (23)
T163 B86(D) W59 H89

ちい (20)

rio (20)
T154 B88(E) W58 H86

kurumi (21)
T166 B84(C) W59 H88

ayu (22)
T163 B88(D) W59 H90

ai (23)
T150 B85(C) W59 H87

mia (20)
T155 B85(C) W58 H85

arisu (22)
T156 B106(J) W59 H88

yuuka (26)
T160 B84(C) W57 H85

non (23)
T158 B85(E) W58 H88

rara (22)
T158 B88(E) W58 H85

yuu (23)
T152 B82(B) W57 H80

yuwa (22)
T162 B98(H) W60 H90

meisa (22)
T166 B93(G) W59 H89

serina (23)
T162 B86(D) W58 H88

sakura (22)
T148 B91(G) W57 H85

wakana (21)
T160 B91(E) W59 H85

honoka (21)
T163 B91(G) W60 H88

yuina (21)
T165 B92(G) W57 H86

rinne (21)

nozomi (22)
T154 B86(D) W58 H88

tika (23)
T161 B85(D) W58 H88

yua (23)
T155 B85(C) W57 H80

yuki (22)

yukino (23)

uta (23)
T158 B88(D) W57 H82

nana (20)
T163 B86(D) W58 H88

ayano (20)
T156 B86(E) W58 H85

niko (20)
T155 B90(F) W58 H88

remi (22)
T160 B89(E) W59 H92

jun (20)
T158 B83(C) W57 H81

minto (20)

mio (20)

saki (20)
T148 B87(E) W57 H85

yume (21)
T161 B97(H) W59 H91

noa (23)
T158 B88(E) W58 H86

kei (21)
T168 B85(C) W57 H86

aki (23)
T151 B86(E) W58 H82

miruku (21)
T158 B85(C) W56 H83

kokoro (20)
T148 B88(E) W58 H86

のえ (23)
T153 ・ 83 (B) ・ 57 ・ 80

sora (23)
T157 B86(D) W56 H85

ひなた (21)

hana (21)
T146 B88(F) W58 H86

ukiha (20)
T150 B88(D) W60 H85

anna (20)
T158 B85(D) W58 H84

hiyori (20)
T157 B88(F) W58 H86

tisa (21)
T163 B92(G) W58 H87